Tanjore Paintings

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About Tanjore Paintings

Creation of Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings India Tanjore Paintings India Tanjore Paintings India
Stage 1 : Tanjore Paintings are made on canvasses which is a plank of wood (originally wood of the Jackfruit tree was used, now it's plywood) with a layer of cloth pasted on it using Arabic gum. The cloth is then evenly coated with a paste of limestone (chalk) and a binding medium and let to dry.

When the canvas is ready, the artist then draws a detailed sketch of the theme of the painting. A paste, made of limestone (chalk) and a binding medium, is used to create 3D effect in embellishing and ornamenting the theme of the painting using a brush.
Stage 2 : Real Tanjore gems of varied hues are fixed in selected areas like pillars, arches, curtains, thrones, dresses, jewellery etc.

22ct gold leaves are used to cover the embossed areas and then the colors are applied on the canvas. Shading and other intricate coloring work is carried out in this stage.Additional gems are fixed in the later stages if required
Stage 3: When it dries the painting are enclosed in imported Italian flexi-glass and framed using the desired frame pattern.